Sea Recovery ~ AquaWhisper MINI (170, 350)

Aqua Matic
Aqua Whisper 170
Aqua Whisper 350
  • Best for Small Power Boats or Sail Boats ~ 35-45Ft / 9-14m
  • Small Compact size
  • Push Button Operation
  • Low AC Power Consumption
  • Up to 350 Gal / 1,325 L per 24 hours

The low-hassle Aqua Whisper Mini is engineered to fit anywhere. Measuring about 2-3 cubic feet, sail and small power boaters have the opportunity and the convenience of a Sea Recovery watermaker without space restrictions. Featuring a simple interface, the Aqua Whisper Mini can be monitored via the control panel or remote (optional). The Aqua Whisper Mini can produce up to 8 gallons of fresh water per hour and is the perfect seaworthy companion for the solo cruiser.

For more information please contact Fonteneau Yacht Repair.

Fonteneau provides:

  • Dock side services to test, repair and maintain all brands of watermakers at your marina.
  • We can clean and bench test your watermaker membranes at our state-of-the-art testing facility.
  • We can test your system in our shop and make repairs using our extensive parts inventory.
  • Repair your pumps & components with genuine factory components.
  • We have an extensive inventory of spare parts for most watermakers.
  • Stock most pre-filter and post-filter sizes
  • We can quickly supply Sea Recovery and Filmtec membranes.